0.5.0a-r84 Alpha

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Released: Jan 6, 2007
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Release Notes

This a very exciting release, the reason the release number has jumped to 0.5 from 0.0 is because this release contains 5 of the 6 big ticket items. There is a summary of each of them major areas in these release notes but check out the the screenshots for a quick heads up of what's new.

Another big change was the move away from having the secondary navigation listed up the side. Now when there is a project in the context there is a menu which appears with the project's code which gives links to the major functionality areas. This is a huge improvement.

Known Issues
o) If an error page comes up immediately after installation giving 404, database or others IIS and the database may need 10-20 seconds to get organised. Reload the page and it should be fine

o) If you get the error 0 portals found matching UrlHost localhost/sharpforge7 and the value in your web.config does match it force it to reload by edit and saving the web.config. It should load the correct value.

o) From the installation the project Wiki and browsing source code online wont work, to get them to work do the following after completing the install
>) move the browse directory up a directory to the same level as the main application directory instead of being a subdirectory
>) create a virtual directory under the main application and call it "Browse"
>) map this application to the browse directory you just moved
>) configure a wildcard handler by right mouse click -> configuring the Browse application you just created,
>) map .* to <your install dir>\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll and uncheck "Check that file exists"

o) The project code should appear the project menu but for some reason it wasn't only partially appearing when I was testing the install

o) Running in low privilege mode the application cannot restart services. For now you will have to manually restart apache after projects are created or the svn configuration for the default portal changes.

o) The %PATH% needs to have the Subversion and Apache installation directories for integration. There is code to do this in the installer but there is a bug and it doesn't seem to be doing the job.

o) Uninstalling wont remove any files that were installed yet

Work Item Tracking

WorkItem tracking allows each project to capture, prioritize and allocate work. The UI is minimalist showing and requiring only the title and description to create the workitem.

Further details such as status, type, priority, component, version, resolution, start date, due date, estimated days/hours/minutes are shown to the right.

This doesn't currently use the role based security but this will be implemented as a priority.

Release Management

Provides a mechanism of distributing software releases. A secondary benefit is a historical list of past releases and of future releases.


Forums provide a way for people to communicate via threaded messages. The project team can can communicate with each other and also with their general users.

Subversion Wiki

This solution allows a project to leverage their Subversion repository for project documentation. Versioned html content is loaded directly out of the Subversion repository.

Read and write access can be managed on a per directory basis and is controlled by Subversion.

Browse Subversion Online

Browse the repository online by directory, view the files, perform differences between versions. View the files changed in a revision, who committed the changes and their log message.

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