Will SharpForge Continue?

first post: ttafet wrote: Does this open source project still have an owner after the sale to...

latest post: ttafet wrote: I do not know.From: quantumkyle [email removed] Sent: Sunday, May ...

Any plans on using TFS?

first post: Heynemann wrote: I´m looking badly for a CodePlex-like Release Manager for inho...

latest post: SharpForger wrote: ok, since you know what you want better than me do you feel up to w...

Source code?

first post: bsimser wrote: Is there a source code release yet?

latest post: bsimser wrote: Great thanks, appreciate the info and keep up the excellent work!

Using SharpForge under IIS

first post: troyschneringer wrote: Are there any plans to be able to use SharpForge under IIS?

latest post: SharpForger wrote: Good news, SharpForge doesn't require Apache any more. To additiona...

Phase 1 Specification

first post: SharpForger wrote: The SharpForge specifiication for phase 1 is about 70-80% comp...

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