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SharpForge - Open source SourceForge / CodePlex implementation

SharpForge supports collaborative development and management of multiple software projects. Similar to SourceForge or CodePlex but for your own team or organisation. The software is written in C# for .NET 2.0 it uses Subversion for source control and is released under the New BSD License.

Home page ( running on SharpForge )

Its features include
  • Multi Portal
  • Multi Project
  • Subversion Administration
  • Work Item Tracking
  • Project Forums
  • Release Management
  • Subversion Wiki
  • Browse Source Code
  • (planned)News Feed Aggregation

Quick Start to using SharpForge
  1. Download and unzip the latest release
  2. Follow the installation instructions
  3. Ask for help in the support forums

Getting Started with SharpForge Development
  1. Get your hands on a Subversion client
  2. Get the latest version from
  3. Follow the installation instructions
  4. Add your features or fixes
  5. Create a patch. Here's how to do it in TortoiseSvn
  6. Submit your patch as an attachment to the Contributions and Patches forum

The system requirements are
  • .Net 2.0
  • Sql Server 2005 Express or greater
  • Subversion 1.3 or greater ( no longer essential, SharpForge can run without Subversion )
  • Apache 2.0 ( no longer essential, SharpForge can also use SvnServe )

SharpForge is working code in an alpha state, it's under active development, and is looking for analysts, developers and testers.

Please see for more information.

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